Mums are Priceless

Mums are Priceless 


A mother's love just never ceases.

It grows from strength to strength, and simply will not weaken.

She is always there on your darkest, troublesome days;

and full of pride and praise, when to others you amaze.


She was the first person that you ever met.

Her beautiful, loving eyes glaring warmly straight back.

She always speaks to you with such clarity,

showing you with distinction the path to maturity.


She nurtures you, teaching you quite simply,

those life lessons and managements kills for crisis.

Picking up the pieces when others do not care,

and giving support and broad arms that bear.


This love cannot ever be replicated,

as in truth it's quite antiquated.

A tender love from Past to Present,

is something which will never become out-dated.