How to select stunning art for business premises?

How to select stunning art for business premises?

A certain degree of skill is required to choose art for different locations, especially commercial premises of any type. The reason being that creating the right atmosphere is not only important for employees but also clients alike. The difficulty is that you are trying to satisfy two almost diametrically opposite requirements in one purchase.

Maybe the solution is not so complex, in that staff areas can have different art, and the commercial areas could be styled differently in that most staff would not spend long periods there. Even the staff who work customer-facing would probably have a different outlook, and probably ought to be involved in the decision-making as to décor for those areas.

However, the artworks selected should moreover be stunning and non-controversial wherever they are hung or placed. This suggestion is appropriate for most businesses, unless you work in a more diverse or cutting edge business. I will expand a little, in that for example, if you are in advertsing or marketing then you may have more artistic license. Certain industries lend themselves to trends or ground-breaking, edgy campaigns and work, so artwork can reflect this vibrancy and novelty factor.

Artwork is more important to certain business or commercial enterprises, especially where there are meetings and the need to impress clients or partners. Traditionally artwork as in art paintings are still a firm favourite to be hung on the walls of boardrooms, offices and other meeting places. Digital art is sometimes used, however there is a return to art paintings as people resist generic flows in society. An art painting can provide a great investment for business, in that an investment can remain ‘dormant’ in the company books for several years.

Selecting artwork which is best suited to your premises is not easy and can be a daunting task. The process toward successfully selecting and investing in suitable art for your business, involves several considerations. These include the location of the artwork, the budget available and your business. Your consideration of these factors will guide you as to how to select the best artwork for your premises. There are some helpful points below to guide you with selecting art for your business premises:

  • Decide what kind and style of paintings or art you would like to purchase. Art may be leased for commercial use in building premises. The cost may depend on the month or season the paintings will be used. This arrangement is great where a company wants to achieve a fresh view to their premises on a regular basis. However, for most building owners, it is best to purchase the art and retain it for some time. This option provides one cost, without a need to review budgets at a later date. Equally, leasing commercial art provide a try before you buy option, and may be a precursor to commissioning art if there is good feedback from your audience as to suitability.
  • Your purchased art should be suitable to the premises or the room. Selection of art does not only depend on the art taste of the person making the selection, but firm consideration must be given to the design or style of your building premises. Clearly, if there are no plans to renovate or redecorate, the decision regarding art colouring should be made to fit with existing colour schemes or neutrality. Alternatively, if you have the budget and decision for a new décor, then do make sure they appreciate the beauty of the art purchased for your building.
  • Inspirational art is always the best choice in any location, and there are many forms to choose from. A wise choice is art which tells a story/theme or gives meaning to your business. Thus, your art is not only there for decoration but it is also there to inspire other people every time they see it within your premises.

    Art can be a simple way to enhance the look of your building or premises. However, selecting an artwork that best suits the design or feel of your premises, must be made carefuuly to ensure much apprecation form staff and colleagues alike. Hopefully the guide above will make this process less onerous!