Having your portrait painted is no longer out of your reach!

Having Your Portrait Painted is no longer out of Your Reach!

Most of us imagine that having a portrait painted is rather extravagant, and therefore out of our reach due to cost. However, portraits vary in price dramatically between artists.

A portrait is a unique painting, which in a generic world will set you apart from your peers. Photographs are everywhere literally, and when something is over used, it loses the special factor. A favourite item or location is only placed on a pedestal because it is something that we cannot obtain all the time, or visit each and every day. It loses luster if seen or visited frequently, as it becomes a habit or possibly a chore.

Therefore a portrait will be something that you can cherish, as having something which others may not have access to. The best part is that the cost of a portrait can be negotiated, and can vary dramatically dependent on the artist and the type of portrait requested. Ideally, you would want to select an artist after reviewing the caliber of their work, style and costs.

Many artists can produce great quality portraits from photographs, so this will avoid sitting time to pose for a portrait. Equally, another benefit is that you can vet the image that you would like to portray and select an image that you love and would like to capture in paint or whatever medium.

Points to consider:

  • What type of portrait would you like?

Some people prefer a portrait to capture them sitting, standing or in a particular pose. Clearly, the artist will need to know your preference as to whether they can reproduce this. Equally, some artists may decline nude or intimate portrait work.

  • What medium would you like it produced in?

A portrait can take many forms including a pencil sketch, etching, oil or acrylic painting. Some artists now work in mixed mediums, which can really give depth to your artwork.

  • Which dimensions would suit the location where you intend to hang the artwork?

Size is always a key consideration, as it will affect the price of the artwork and could potentially cause higher costs or difficulties with transportation if your chosen artist is in another region or country. However, you would need to determine the size required based on the wall where you intend to hang the piece, your budget and the level of detail in the composition. Please remember to specify landscape or portrait representation too, as this can completely affect the balance of the portrait.

  • Would you have any special requests for the artist?

Clearly, this is your portrait and your input is vital to produce an end product that you will love. Special requests might include certain colouring; say to a background or a special item being added to the scenery. You may not want the artist to sign the artwork.

  • What would your budget be for the artwork?

Most artists are willing to negotiate a price with you, however do remember that creativity takes time and a lot of effort. The time taken to produce a portrait will usually be understated to you, as artists take great pride in what they do and will spend hours trying to perfect fine detail, as they strive for perfection. Clearly, you have to reach an agreement on cost, however please respect the artist’s time and skill, as you would do any other professional service.

  • Do provide a timescale for completion?

An essential to any agreement and contract is that you have a firm date for completion. Never leave this up in the air, as this serves no purpose to anyone and can lead to frustration. Many artists will allow a longer period, should anything unexpected occur, however will deliver much sooner in any event.

  • Would you like the artwork framed, and do you have any preference?

It is always easier to outsource finishing touches to the artist, as they will usually have the contacts to get the framing arranged, to ensure your artwork is ready to hang when it arrives. They can also offer guidance as to what frame would suit, as sometimes it is difficult to envisage this. They will have lived and breathed your painting during its preparation, so they may have some great input on this point.

  • Always inquire about the artist’s location and collection/shipping arrangements?

Most shipping companies do not like artwork, for the simple reason they are unique. Therefore they tend to avoid shipping paintings, as insurance costs tend to be high; so please check the shipping terms as to whether there is an exclusion clause for artwork and/or art paintings.

  • Will you be given a Certificate of Authenticity?

It is always a good idea to have a record of the provenance of your painting, not only for insurance purposes, proof of ownership but also as a valuation of worth. Your insurers may insist of confirmation of value to determine your premiums. Equally, having a certificate can show that your artwork is genuine and is produced by a particular artist.

  • Obtain some knowledge of the artist.

This point links to the point about provenance, value and authenticity. An art painting or even giclée print is likely to last far beyond your lifetime, and that of the artist. Your artwork could accrue in value as a result of tracing it back to an artist who later gains notoriety.

  • Give some background information to the portrait.

Art involves emotions and emotional connection, so if you provide the artist with some insight into the reason for the artwork or the subject, they connect and will produce a more “intimate” and personal piece.

This guide will provide some good advice to the value of a portrait, as something that you can not only take personal pleasure from but also hand down to future generations of your family.