Giclée Prints


What are Giclée Prints?

  • Giclée (pronounced zhee-klay) printing was a technique developed by Jack Duganne, where pigment-based ink is jet sprayed onto saturates like photo paper, cotton canvas or vinyl.

  • The printers used to produce this type of print are usually of eight or even twelve colour ink jets, where as basic colour printers use CMYK colour technology which is essentially four-colour printing using only Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK. 

  • The Giclée is therefore a unique, quality fine art digital print.

  • The ink used in this process is of professional archival standard and is pigment-based, producing more accurate prints which have a much wider colour gamut.

  • This ink is of high quality and will mean that your print is fade-resistant.

  • Giclée prints will usually maintain their quality for 100 years or more typically.


    What do you receive if you order our Giclée Prints?

  • Our giclée prints are produced on 188gsm Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper and using an Epson X900 Series Printer with K3 Pigment Inks - this means they will last a lifetime and more.

  • This printer uses the Next Generation High Dynamic Range (HDR) ten-colour Pigment System to produce class leading colour gamut with exceptional detail and dmax, using custom built profiles made with an X-Rite/Gretag Macbeth Spectophotometer. 
  • Additionally prints are softproofed on a  wide gamut monitor, which is callibrated each week.
  • The ink pigment used is jet sprayed on to the paper, which means it gives better clarity of colour than ordinary prints.

  • Prints are produced by a Certified Studio as part of the Hahnemühle Certified Studio Program.

  • The name of the original painting is printed just below the lower edge of the print.

  • Your giclée print is registered with Hahnemühle within their My Art Registry system, providing further proof of authenticity and also a record of provenance of your artwork, which will increase the value of your purchase.

  • Each piece of artwork in these series is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, which has a unique hologram with numbering duplicated both on the print and certificate.

  • The Certificate is produced on premium deckle-edged mould made paper with a Hahnemühle watermark and has flourescent security fibres running through the paper. 

  • The Certificate is signed personally by the artist, which adds value to your Limited Edition giclée print.


    What do you mean by a Limited Edition?

  • This means that each edition will only have a set number of prints available.

  • Usually an edition will consist of 100 prints, but we reserve the right to change the number.

  • Each edition allows you the opportunity to purchase a print of an original artwork at a fraction of the cost, and yet with the quality of artwork in museums.

  • Limited edition giclée prints are purchased on a first come, first served basis until the edition quota is reached.