Future and Behind, Venice, Italy (August 2015)

Elle participated in the “Future and Behind” Exhibition which was held between August 5-25, 2015. The gallery is located at CON-TEMPORARY 5, Calle Di Mezzo, Santa Croce 1592, Venice, Italy. 

The art in this exhibition conceptually reflects or shows comparison between the past and the future. It would start from the modern society’s degeneration, unbalanced and frenetic human being and then showing the connections with the explicated thematic thread. Examples for this one includes: un-contemporaneity, expanded time, diachronic thought, slow culture, harmony and balance, the present’s aloof vision, universality, suspension, fundamental principles, the memory, the past, restart, traditions and customs, going backward, flashback, dead-end street, déja-vu, vintage, classic philosophy, steampunk, arcadianism, biodynamic and rural world, ancient techniques, Primitivism, cave graffiti and Arte Povera.

The exhibition aims to answer the prospect hinted by the title with a critical sense. They have invited artists that would fit with the argument deliberating on the phrase “from now to behind”. The main essence of the said exhibition is to let people realize that in order to see all the good things that we have in our hands, all of us need to look back at our past first.

It is truly an honour for me to have been part of this exhibition, having one of my paintings on show during the Biennale is truly special.


Some images from the Exhibition: