Exchanging Worlds

Words cannot sum up,

what I truly need to say.

You are the one for me,

please listen to what I say

I will always be there waiting,

at times when you are late.

I will love you wholeheartedly,

giving adoration when you hate.

I will cheat with your heart,

preferring to love your whole.

I will despise your outer beauty,

because inside it hides your core.

I will steal your beautiful body,

as my affair is with your soul.

I will donate all worldly possessions,

we don’t need them any more.

I will give you absolutely nothing,

as everything you are to me.

I will borrow our tomorrows,

in order to cherish you every day.

I know my words may seem strange,

in truth it’s difficult to explain.

My whole world was changed,

when into my life you came.

Two worlds collided together,

and life will never be the same.