Barbecued Chocolate and Rum Bananas

Barbecued Chocolate and Rum Bananas


Unique Recipe Barbecued Chocolate and Rum Bananas by Elle Smith Creativity in the Kitchen Inspired By Elle


“Desserts are amazing when cooked on the barbecue!



6 Bananas, firm and unpeeled

6 chunks of Dark Plain Chocolate, good quality 70% cacoa

some Dark Rum, a few tablespoons to your requirements



  1. Cut 6 pieces of foil of sufficient size to wrap each banana.
  2. Slit each banana in middle, but not deep enough to other side.
  3. Place a chunk of chocolate in each banana.
  4. Place the banana in a piece of foil, and splash with rum before wrapping up the banana.
  5. Bake on the barbecue, turning on each side to ensure the banana is cooked thoroughly. (This can equally be done in the oven too!)
  6. The bananas should take a few minutes on each side, if you have a barbecue going at full strength.
  7. Serve immediately on plates, but out of the foil so the rum is not discarded.


“The perfect end, to the perfect barbecue!”