This section showcases all of Elle Smith's artwork in several collections. The collections are not definitive, as the art paintings can often blend into multiple locations, including the home, hospitality, therapeutic and commercial settings.

Each painting showcases different theme, topics, expressions and emotions in a colourful and uplifting manner. Both male and female personalities are captured in our portraits. A member advised that he had used facial recognition software on the portraits with remarkable results. You will see that each portrait has a unique essence and emphasis, and is of course produced in the Elle Smith style.

The art paintings highlight very natural and real situations. The collections are constantly growing as Elle discovers different styles and new topics of interest. Art should be meaningful and intelligent, so we truly place great stow on this within the artwork.

Elle has very high standards and always places much thought and effort into every stroke. Equally, you will see that she pays great attention to detail to ensure that the finished artwork would be something that would satisfy the highest of standards. Our artwork is collectable and stylish, making it a perfect gift for family, friends or as a corporate gift.

Elle Smith is an emerging talent in the art world. Her artwork brings together natural creativity with her academic intellect. The art is multi-faceted and often the embedded inspiration will only become apparent after several viewings of the art painting or print. Many pieces have an accompanying multimedia video, which provides insight into thoughts and feelings expressed in the painting. The videos are available both on YouTube and on this website to allow a wider spectrum of audience reach. Elle is keen that art should be accessible by everyone. 

Some collections are particularly poignant, like the gallery of animal paintings. This collection contains endangered species for which the aim is to raise awareness and hopefully reverse this status. We have produced videos about the animals featured in this collection, as this provides an educational awareness and understanding of those species. We believe that by forging this connection that more people will support organisations like WWF, who do an amazing task throughout the world.