Conceptual Artwork

Elle Smith: "These conceptual art oil paintings were created as the issues depicted were recurring in my mind. I realized that as time passes by, the population and world have been facing more and more conflict in the form of disputes, arguments and ultimately war. One of the issues I tried to capture was ‘conflict’. I wanted to explore whether people had actually been motivated to consider the root cause of the conflict and why it exists. Unless there is an understanding of the root cause of conflict, we will never learn from, or resolve the conflict in the world."

Contemporary artist Elle Smith tackles in flux topics with this art collection. Each painting is inspired by a relevant topic, combining experience, research and imagination to create a reflective piece of artwork. Elle Smith's art paintings are always in oil paint as this particularly, where conceptual art is concerns, offers depth and dimension. Some themes will be controversial, however this type of inspirational art allows for visual contemplation of those current issues, allowing deeper consideration from other perspectives.

These oil paintings are for sale in a variety of sizes and a selection are available as framed prints. Each oil painting is truly unique as artist, Elle Smith applies experience, intellect and imagination to creatively compose conceptual art to challenge your boundaries of thought.