Colour Us Back From Extinction - Educational Colouring Book

Inspired By Elle

      • Colour Us Back From Extinction by Elle Smith is a stunning endangered animal colouring book.
      • An easy-read book which gives you the opportunity to learn interesting and fun facts about ten endangered species, whilst creating something uniquely contemporary as you colour in those animals and give them significance.
      • Colour Us Back from Extinction is an educational colouring book. This book provides a compact way to absorb key information about ten endangered animals, like the snow leopard, mandarin duck, red squirrel and giant panda.
      • The reader is able to therapeutically colour in the images of these species using the artwork composed by London artist, Elle Smith. This means that each book becomes a truly personal keepsake, in which the reader’s imagination creates a unique perception of those animals, whilst relaxing and learning at the same time.
      • Please take a few moments to enjoy the promotional video about Colour Us Back From Extinction.
    • 25.4 by 20.3cm
    • 52 pages
    • Soft cover
    • Fun Facts about each endangered species
    • Based on original artwork by Elle Smith
    • Easy to read language
    • Suitable for Teenage and Adult readers
    • *Please note there is no title on the spine of this book
    • ISBN 978-1-9999-023-0-8

Type: Book

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Educational colouring book

Educational colouring book for children. Love the concept of learning while colouring. My daughter loved her Xmas present. Keep up ya he good work Elle

Thank you for the review Adrian - so pleased you are happy with this colouring book!!!

Liz Pomeroy

Following the introduction which informs the reader why some animals (and plants) are endangered, some even extinct, and what is being done to help, we then learn about the first endangered animal in this book: the Sand Cat. 9 more animals are featured in this book:
Red Squirrel * Snow Leopard * Pileated Gibbon * Galapagos Penguin * Giant Panda * Mandarin Duck * Ring-Tailed Lemur of Madagascar * Newfoundland Pine Marten * Amur Leopard

Each animal is accompanied by a 'description' page, a coloring picture for you to bring it 'back to life' and then more information with bolded highlights. What's sadly missing in this book is the severity of the endangerment i.e. how many are estimated to be left in the wild. I think this fact would have truly rounded this very interesting book out. IMPORTANT to note that the animals listed are the author's/artist's choice and not the Top 10 endangered animals. In fact one animals is listed as "common" and another as "most popular" of its breed!

The coloring pictures are aimed towards children. For example, the Sand Cat is shown on the beach in front of a sand castle whilst the Giant Panda has a balloon beside it. HOWEVER adults will also enjoy coloring the pictures.

Mostly well written except for the following:
"This leopard can leap on average, more than 10ft far and 10ft high."

Thanks again Liz, we are pleased that you enjoyed Colour Us Back from Extinction!
We LOVE endangered animals at Inspired By Elle, so this colouring book was a great way to highlight and educate the public on some of the species that we like and are concerned about. :)
Thank you for the tips on improving the book, we will certainly look into those revisions.

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