How to choose great art for the modern home


This task is not as easy as it would seem at a first glance, especially as the cost could be high depending on the look that you hope to achieve. A home is the place where you spend the majority of your time, apart from whilst at work. However, unless you are the management then you will not have much say in your work environment décor. Equally, this location has to please a mixture of people from employees, to guests and clients.

Your home is your castle, so you have autonomy over how it looks. The decoration of the home is somewhat different to work spaces; as it is the place where you will relax, entertain family and friends and enjoy quality, personal time. Your art and acquisitions need to blend together to create an atmosphere, where you feel comfortable to do all of these things.

Choosing the right and aesthetically pleasing art for home can be a challenging task. There is a chance that you will ruin the entire look of the room if you choose badly; and when you get it right, you can effectively turn an otherwise dull room to be real talking point.

I have listed some tips to consider whenever choosing art for your modern home that will enable your house to be look more hospitable and welcoming while adding extra value of functionality.

  1. Think of what really inspires you

 Whenever choosing art, you must consider what really invigorates you. You must ask yourself whether architecture, people or nature inspires you. A home decorated with modern flair should reflect the pursuits and tastes of the owner. Emphasis must be placed on emphasizing the character of the home in your eyes. You should choose art that will compliment your styling, which you will like and enjoy for some time.

  1. Search to home decoration magazines

 Whenever decorating your home in a modern style, making use of home decorating magazines rare always a great help and provide inspiration. You can find there fresh ideas by searching the magazine racks on the supermarket; or by visiting your local library wherein you will surely find home decorating magazines. In addition, you will find contemporary art themes, which are filled with layouts and color photographs, even showing the look and feel of accessories.

  1. Visit to show homes, home exhibitions and home furnishing stores

 A photograph may be worth of thousands words, however nothing compares to seeing actual or real displays. Many homeowners tend to seek guidance by visiting furniture stores and show houses at one point or another. Clearly, they will be professionally arranged whilst at the same time will feature countless ideas and styles that are inspired by modern themes. Displays shown in these areas present homeowner with amazing ideas for decorating their modern home, and this will give them the chance to look at the latest and swankiest unique art. This is provides the opportunity to chance that you will find something fresh and unique.

  1. Browsing online stores 

Visiting online department stores may offer inspirational art for a modern home. Even though books and magazines provide good suggestions for accessorizing and beautifying a modern home, they are not your only good source. You can also search for artwork by emerging artists, which will tend to be unique and unusual as well as impressive. New artists tend to work exceptionally hard to be noticed and find their niche. You can usually find great art at reasonable prices when you invest in a new artist, before they are discovered.

  1. Choose artwork which can create another dimension to the room

Whenever deciding on wall decoration you can always count on art paintings. By choosing great artwork, you can achieve a totally different look to the environment.

  1. Think about colours

The choice of colour of an artwork is a very important element to consider. You need to complement your wall colouring and also the ambience of the room. Certain colours tend to make you more alert and are undesirable to rooms in the home where you intend to rest. Clearly, some may disagree and love say a “vibrant red for a lively bedroom”. You can equally have an abstract, which is minimal but bright, if you still want a vibrant artwork. However, generally colours that over-stimulate do not make peaceful areas remain that way. Colours like pastels make more sense in bedrooms for example. The colour white may seem clinical, however for kitchens and bathrooms most prefer to have a clean and fresh area; so white walls can be dressed up with bright artwork.

  1. Size matters

Artwork can command and even provide a focal point, but generally should not be so obtuse as to take over the whole room. Consider the wall size and surrounding furniture to guide you as to size of paintings. Clearly, if you say have a wide wall, with a wide sofa, you could place a painting of say the same width of the sofa, or a series of paintings in a row to the same width.

  1. Personalize your walls

It is your home, so why not show elements of you and your family. This is what makes a home “HOME”. Portraits of a family are lovely in the right spots in the home, although having them everywhere can be a little overbearing for your guests

Overall, these simple tips should help you to choose the perfect art for your modern home and will hopefully remove the stress from this task.